city festival
video shows on the Opera House

Spectacular light art on each night of the festival

Every night, the classical front facade of the Zurich Opera House will be the screen for fantastic video shows merging the worlds of sports and art. The light art shows by the Zurich agency PROJEKTIL and the Vienna artist collective Lichttapete will transform the Opera House by means of state-of-the-art 3D mapping technology every night at 10 pm and at 11.15pm.

Examples of PROJEKTIL
Example of Lichttapete

22:00 23:15
Saturday, 9 August
PROJEKTIL Lichttapete
Sunday, 10 August
Lichttapete PROJEKTIL
Monday, 11 August
PROJEKTIL Lichttapete
Tuesday, 12 August
Lichttapete PROJEKTIL
Wednesday, 13 August
PROJEKTIL Lichttapete
Thursday, 14 August
Lichttapete PROJEKTIL
Friday, 15 August
PROJEKTIL Lichttapete
Saturday, 16 August
Lichttapete PROJEKTIL
Sunday, 17 August
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