Zurich 2014
Zusammen - Ensemble - Insieme - Together

All important athletics institutions in Switzerland have teamed up for Zürich 2014.

Swiss Athletics: The national athletics federation and the City of Zurich are co-hosting the European Athletics Championships Zurich 2014. They have assigned Leichtathletik with the organisation of the event. The federation has initiated Swiss Starters 2014, a project to help Swiss athletes prepare for Zürich 2014. Hansruedi Müller, Swiss Athletics President, also acts as President of the Board of Directors of Leichtathletik.

Weltklasse Zürich: The association of the world famous athletics meeting (VfG/LCZ) is the main shareholder of the Leichtathletik. The promoters of Weltklasse Zürich have been among the initiators of the Zurich candidacy. Meeting Director Patrick K. Magyar and CEO of Leichtathletik EM AG will make sure that there will be as little conflict and as many synergies as possible between the championships and the Weltklasse Zürich meeting (which will take place 10 days later). In addition, VfG/LCZ President Gerry Weber is a member of the Leichtathletik EM AG Board of Directors.

Athletissima Lausanne: The Samsung Diamond League meeting in the French-speaking part of Switzerland is a shareholder of Leichtathletik, and Meeting Director Jacky Delapierre is a member of its Board of Directors. Athletissima will support the Zürich 2014 project focussing on the Romandy region.

LC Zürich: The Zurich athletics club LCZ is the third shareholder of Leichtathletik. Without the - direct and indirect (via Weltklasse Zürich) - support of the club, the championships could not be held in Zurich.

Athletics community of Switzerland: The meeting of delegates of Swiss Athletics unanimously supported the Zürich 2014 candidacy, underlining a broad support for the championship project throughout Switzerland. A large number of clubs, cantonal federations, and individuals applied for participation capital and became an important part of the organisation of Zürich 2014.

Running community of Switzerland: More than a dozen major running events applied for participation capital to be part of Zürich 2014. The promoters of such events will play an important role during the marathon and race walking competitions, sharing their know-how and supporting the organising committee with their own volunteers. Their commitment mirrors a broad support for the championships and reveals a high level running network in Switzerland.

City of Zurich: The City of Zurich and Swiss Athletics are co-hosting Zürich 2014. In addition to many other services, the City will be providing the competition venues. The City has approved a deficit guarantee of 3.3 million Swiss francs. Urs Schmidig, head of the City’s department of education and sport, acts as vice president of the Leichtathletik EM 2014 Board of Directors. Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zurich, and Gerold Lauber, City Councillor, are both members of the Zürich 2014 Honorary Board.

Canton of Zurich: The entire canton will become championship territory during Zürich 2014. Training sites and athletes hotels are located in various municipalities of the region. The Canton of Zurich will provide services in the area of traffic and safety, and will support the event with a deficit guarantee of 3.3 million Swiss francs. Stefan Schötzau, head of the office of sport, represents the Canton of Zurich in the Leichtathletik EM 2014 Board of Directors. Mario Fehr, Governing Councillor, and Thomas Heiniger, Governing Councillor, are members of the Zürich 2014 Honorary Board.


Swiss Confederation: The Swiss Confederation, represented by the Federal Office for Sport, has contributed 3.3 million Swiss francs to the organisation of Zürich 2014. In addition, the Federal Office for Sport is supporting the national federation Swiss Athletics with special annual financial contributions of 600 000 Swiss francs from 2011 to 2014 in order to promote professional sports projects, sports for all, and athletics youth programmes. Staff of the Swiss army and civil protection will support the championship promoters with services during the event. Federal Councillor and 2013 President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer is a member of the Zürich 2014 Honorary Board.


SRG SSR: No major sports event without the work and commitment of Swiss national TV.  SRG SSR is taking its motto “to serve the public” seriously, supporting Zürich 2014 with the largest in-house production of its history. Roland Mägerle of SRG SSR is a non-voting member of the Leichtathletik EM AG Board of Directors.

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