Zurich: Switzerland’s small, big-hearted metropolis

Switzerland is a small but extremely diverse country: More than 120 glaciers, 1 500 lakes, eleven UNESCO World Heritage sites, two UNESCO biosphere reserves, and 48 mountain peaks of over 4000m in altitude are assembled on an area of merely 41 285 square kilometres.

Zurich is perfectly located for day trips to the country’s many sights. And the city itself is of course one of Switzerland’s main magnets of tourism. An idyllic location on Lake Zurich, views of the snow-clad Alps, and an unparalleled variety of cultural, art and sports events - Zurich and its surrounding region offers a unique mixture for an entertaining stay to all its guests.

  • Direct flights from the international airport of Zurich-Kloten link the city to 150 destinations. A 10 minute train journey takes travellers from the city centre to the airport.
  • Switzerland has approx. 8 million residents. Zurich, with its 380 000 residents, is the largest city of the country.
  • Zurich boasts the most elaborate public transportation network of the world. Visitors of the European Athletics Championships will benefit from a co-operation with public transport services, as stadium tickets and accreditation cards will also serve as tickets for the journey to and from Letzigrund Stadium.
  • City of Sports: Zurich is home to the world’s most prestigious one-day athletics meeting Weltklasse Zürich.
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