Zürich 2014 is proud to have a very special ambassador: Cool cow Cooly - a crowd favourite, wherever and whenever it appears. The happy, sometimes slightly overexcited Swiss cow fascinates both fans and athletes. Just as the future competitors, Cooly takes its preparation for the championships seriously, and will no doubt be ready to team up with spectators to support the competitors.
  • Cooly has met many stars in its capacity as Zürich 2014 ambassador. It danced with Haile Gebrselassie at the Grand Prix in Berne, celebrated athletics with Usain Bolt at Weltklasse Zürich, and joined Victor Röthlin when he crossed the finish line at the Jungfrau-Marathon.
  • As a popular championship ambassador, Cooly has quite a busy schedule with more than 150 appearances in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.
  • DJ Bobo, an inspiration for Cooly: Have you ever seen Cooly dance to “Somebody dance with me“?
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