Rules of Conduct at Letzigrund Stadium

Prohibited Items

Visitors are prohibited to bring with them or use the following objects at Letzigrund Stadium:

  • Advertising, commercial, political or religious objects of any kind, including banners, boards, symbols, and flyers, which could be displayed on the stadium premises
  • Any kind of alcoholic beverages
  • Any kind of pyrotechnical items
  • Any kind of weapons
  • Aerosol spray cans and acidic or dyeing substances
  • Any kind of glass bottles or containers
  • Folding chairs and baby strollers
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras, professional photo cameras, or any other devices capable of being used for the recording, transmission or dissemination of sound or images of the event
  • Animals
  • Rollerblades / roller skates
  • Skate scooters
  • Skateboards
  • Motorcycle helmets / bicycle helmets
  • Suitcases, backpacks , bags (larger than 40cm x 50cm x 20cm)
No storage facility
There will be no storage available for prohibited items. The event organisers assume no liability whatsoever for the loss or theft of any items placed outside Letzigrund Stadium. 

Lost and found
A lost and found is located next to the two information desks at the stadium. Uncollected ID cards, keys, wallets, and valuables will be sent to the city’s Lost and Found Office. Other uncollected items, such as clothing, shoes, etc. will be disposed of after 30 days.

Rules of conduct at the Stadium

Access to the events is only possible upon presentation of a valid entrance ticket or appropriate authorisation (accreditation) issued by the event organiser or other authorised parties.
Upon entering Letzigrund Stadium, every visitor is obligated to voluntarily present his or her ticket or accreditation to the security staff and, if requested, to surrender it for inspection. If you purchased your ticket at a reduced rate, respective documentation must be presented upon request (e.g. a date of birth legitimation for children entering with family tickets).

Upon entering the stadium, every visitor must allow the security team to inspect his or her bags and clothing for illegal objects (see prohibited items). These inspections will consist of random body checks and bag searches. 
Staff members at the entrance decide on who will be checked and which bags will be searched.
While on stadium premises, visitors are obligated to present their ticket or accreditation to the police or security staff at any time, and if requested, to surrender it for inspection.

Any kind of misuse in relation to tickets (copies, false price indications, false personal data, etc.) will result in the ticket being rendered null and void immediately. In addition, a handling fee of 100 CHF will be charged, and a complain to the police will be filed. 

In the interest of safety and to ensure that the event can proceed in an orderly and smooth fashion, ticket holders are obligated to adhere to the directives of the event organisers, security staff, police, the fire department, and the Letzigrund Stadium management throughout their stay on the stadium premises. 

Within the stadium area, it is forbidden to:

  • Occupy a different seat than the one indicated on the ticket;
  • Stop for longer periods of time in any of the emergency exit paths to and from the spectator areas;
  • Stand on benches or seats;
  • Enter the infield or other areas and rooms not designated for the general public without a valid authorisation;
  • Throw objects anywhere within the entire stadium area (especially onto the infield or spectator area);
  • Sell goods or tickets, distribute any materials, or organise collections without the permission of the event organiser.
Any person entering the stadium acknowledges that he or she may make and/or transmit image and sound recordings and/or descriptions of the stadium or the event, any results and/or statistics related to the event for personal use only. It is strictly forbidden to transmit sound and/or image material, descriptions, results and/or statistics related to the event, in whole or in part, via internet, radio, TV, or any other current and/or future media, or to aid and abet any other person in doing so.

Ticket holders irrevocably consent to the use of their image and voice for any event-related photographs, live transmissions, transmissions and/or tapes of images and/or sound that may be taken by the event organiser or any party commissioned by the event organiser (using any present and future media).

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