Zürich 2014 to Feature Top Artists

The European Athletics Championships Zürich 2014 (12 to 17 August) will be a unique summer festival. On each day of competition, athletics top performances and show highlights will captivate the crowd at Letzigrund Stadium. National and international top artists, such as DJ Bobo, Sunrise Avenue, Eliana Burki, Marc Sway, and Freddy Nock will partake in the championship action.

Opening Ceremony with DJ Bobo, Freddy Nock, and Sunrise Avenue

The series of show highlights will start with the Opening Ceremony at the end of the first day of competition (Tuesday, 12 August). Stadium visitors will be enjoying a 30-minute multimedia show. „This form of merging music, artistry, and sport will be a first for Switzerland,” said Simon Ackermann, co-producer and director of the championship ceremonies at Letzigrund Stadium.

Shows featuring Swiss musicians to conclude each day of competition
Each day of competition will be concluded with a 10-minute multimedia show celebrating the performances of the athletes. Representatives of four different music genres will portray aspects of the multifaceted host country of the championships.

With best wishes to Amsterdam

On Sunday, 17 August, a 45-minute Closing Ceremony will include the final five Victory Ceremonies, and will top off the six-day mega event. As many as seven musicians or bands will help celebrate the championships, and of course send Zürich 2014’s best wishes to the next host country of the European Athletics Championships: Netherlands (Amsterdam 2016).

Artists at the European Athletics Championships Zürich 2014:
  • Tuesday, 12 August: Opening ceremony with DJ Bobo, Freddy Nock, and Sunrise Avenue
  • Wednesday, 13 August: Plasma (theme: Young Switzerland)
  • Thursday, 14 August: Trauffer (theme: Zurich – the Gateway to the Swiss Alps)
  • Friday, 15 August: Marc Sway (theme: Multicultural Zurich)
  • Saturday, 16 August: DJ Tito Torres (theme : Tribute to the Street Parade)
  • Sunday, 17 August: Closing ceremony with Eliana Burki, Plasma, Trauffer, Marc Sway, Caroline Chevin, Alain Clark, 50 flag throwers, and a surprise guest.
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